What we do

First Dance Wellington aims to help you approach your first dance as a married couple with ease, joy and fun! 

 A custom first dance tailored to your vision becomes much more than a few steps strung together - it is an opportunity to be present together; to communicate; to work on a challenge as a team. Often, it is an opportunity to relax and get away from all the wedding planning stress and spend an hour laughing together.

Our goal is to create opportunities to spread the joy and transformative power of dance; to inspire, energize, and make special moments just that much more memorable. Too often a first dance is an afterthought or a source of stress. Let’s make it an enjoyable experience together!


Each package includes a complimentary half hour consultation, designed for us to get a good picture of your ideal first dance . In this consultation, we determine the style, level of difficulty, song and over-all feeling of your ideal dance. Then we can come in the day of your lesson with choreography that will exceed your expectations!


Our Packages

For weddings big and small we have packages that will suit your needs

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The small wedding package

1 Hour

Is it crunch time already? Where did the time go? Don’t worry, we have you covered. In only an hour, we will show you simple steps that allow you to step on the dance floor with ease and confidence!


The large wedding package

6 Hours

* Our most popular package *
Clients can enjoy a laid back experience with more practice time. This package allows couples who are beginner dancers to have a more personal first dance, with more complicated and intimate choreography. Also a great choice if you have a complex vision for your dance.

The medium wedding package

3 Hours

Geared towards couples with more dance experience that can learn choreography fairly quickly. Also suited for beginners who want a simpler first dance, with low-intensity steps and/or slower-paced movements. More time = more polish.


Dance Classes

No experience necessary!

Do you need a dance for another special event? We will work with you to create an unforgettable dance for an anniversary, bat or bar mitzvah, to dance in your kitchen... the list goes on!


*Please note that all packages are fully customizable. Additional lessons can be purchased at the same hourly rate as that paid per lesson in each package - let’s chat at your consult!

Not in wellington? Traveling? Ask us about video lessons, custom choreographed for you.