Photo by David Cooper

Photo by David Cooper


Kathryn crawford

director, First Dance Wellinton

Kathryn is the woman behind First Dance Wellington. She is a dedicated and caring teacher and is passionate about using dance to connect people. Kathryn has experienced first hand the power that dance has to deepen relationships, improve communication and, most importantly, bring joy to any (and every) body.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Kathryn has been dancing most of her life. Kathryn trained in Vancouver, while attending various summer programs on scholarship. Upon graduating, Kathryn was a part of the Ballet British Columbia Mentor Program for 2 years, where she had the opportunity to perform featured roles in works by Emily Molnar, John Alleyne, Simone Orlando, and James Gnam among others. As a dancer, Kathryn has worked with Ballet British Columbia, the plastic orchid factory and Judith Marcuse Projects. She had the pleasure of working with Melanie Demers, Louise Bedard and Austin McCormick while participating in the Springboard Professional Project in Montreal. Her career has taken her across North America and to Asia, where she performed in the Bangkok International Festival with Move: the Company

Kathryn’s choreography has been featured in Vancouver at events such as Dances for a Small Stage, as well as winning awards at competitions throughout the greater Vancouver area. 

Kathryn recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia, focusing on injury prevention, anatomy and physiology. 

Kathryn has been bringing dance to diverse people and places for the past 12 years as a teacher and performer (including the last 3 years with First Dance Vancouver!). Having recently started a new chapter of life with a move to Wellington, she is excited to bring her passion and knowledge to whatever her clients’ vision may be!

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