What music should I pick?

We are happy to help you figure out the best song for your day, but it's always good to come in with some ideas. When picking the musical track for your first dance, we recommend you keep two words in mind: me and context. Ask yourself: What do I like? Does this song have a strong meaning? Does it represent me well? But also: Where am I hosting the event? Who else does it involve? Does the song’s tempo and lyrics match my event’s style? Am I open to suggestions?

These are just a few simple questions that can be very helpful when picking music for a party or event. Choosing a song that you love that also captures the essence of your theme can truly make all the difference!

What to wear to dance class

We want you to feel comfortable and confident at your First Dance Wellington classes. What you wear will depend on the type of dance we are working on. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask! Here are a few tips to help get you started:


Wear shoes that are comfortable, but relevant to the dance we are working on. Ladies, if you are dancing in heels at your wedding, it is a great idea to practice in similar shoes. Gentlemen, same goes for you - most dress shoes are slippery and you don’t want to be caught off guard on the day. Also remember a change of socks and comfortable shoes for after your lesson.


Wear or bring lightweight, sweat-wicking clothes that you will be comfortable moving in for the duration of your lesson. A change of clothes for after your lesson is always a good idea.

What else to bring

  • a hair tie, hair clips or head band. Keep that hair out of your face!
  • deodorant
  • foot spray
  • a water bottle full of water
  • an extra bag (plastic or cloth) where you can throw your danced-in dance clothes
  • a towel

How far in advance should I book my first dance lessons?

This really depends on your vision for your first dance, your confidence and experience level. It is amazing what can be accomplished in a short period of time! However, working on a tight deadline can be stressful. Whenever possible, we recommend that you give yourself plenty of time. If you have a complex idea, or simply want to give yourself lots of practice time, then lessons can be booked as far ahead as you would like (usually not more than 6 months ahead). Typically, lessons are scheduled anywhere between 2-4 months prior to the big day.
Here’s a rough breakdown of a practice schedule:

  • 1-2 weeks before lessons start, you'll have your complimentary consultation
  • 1 hour lesson once a week
    (example: Medium Package: 3 hours = one lesson per week for three weeks)
  • lessons conclude 2 weeks before your wedding day, giving you time to practice and perhaps schedule a last minute brush-up session if you’d like! 

If you opted for the medium package as in the above example, you would want to get the ball rolling with your consultation 2 months prior to your wedding day.

Keep in mind that if you have a busy schedule, it is likely to get busier the closer you are to the wedding date, so when in doubt, book early!

We are coming in from overseas and our timeline is tight - can we still do lessons?

Yes, of course! A small package (one hour) is a great way to get some confidence and some simple go-to choreography for your big day. Lessons can be extended to 1.5-2 hours if time permits. The good news is, the dance will be fresh in your minds! We recommend that you book well in advance whenever possible, as your time will likely be hectic once you are in town. Your consultation can be completed online prior to arrival. In special circumstances, your First Dance choreographer may be able to travel closer to you - please enquire.

What other parts of the wedding can you help us with?

We are happy to help anyone in the wedding party whose dancing skills may need a little sprucing up! For instance, perhaps you are planning a mother/son or father/daughter dance? If you would like to practice these special moments prior to your wedding day, these dance lessons are available at a discount when you also book a First Dance package. 

We can also bring even more joy and movement to moments such as the processional and your entrance into the reception. Let us know your idea and we'll make it happen! 

Do you offer Hens dos?

We do not currently offer hens dos. But our amazing friends at Shut up & Dance certainly do!  It's a guaranteed good time for you and your closest friends. Click here to visit their website and learn more.


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