Here's what some of our previous clients are saying about First Dance!


Laura & Andrew

"We were both so happy with how everything turned out!  Our guests were very surprised with our little music ’switch-up' and thought it was so much fun... And you were right, the amount of time we had for the first song was perfect and your suggestion of pausing to kiss right before the ’skip’ resulted in one of our favourite photos of the day... We both feel like you tailored the dance moves perfectly to our skill level and with the amount of time we had with lessons and amount of time leading up to the wedding.  This was something that Andrew and I had been wanting to do together for so long and you helped us make that a reality.  Thank-you!  It is also an unexpected gift that we have given to each other.  Since our wedding we have been busting out our song in all sorts of places, at UBC Farm, on the beach in Tofino during our honeymoon and even in our little apartment if we’ve had a bad day and need a ‘pick-me-up’.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Thank-you for such a keep sake!... Thanks for your kind words and really fun lessons / choreography!  You're fantastic!!

See Laura & Andrew's first dance here!


Anna & Scott

"We wanted to thank you for working with Scott and I to create our First Dance! It was definitely a highlight of our wedding day! ... Needless to say our guests were entertained! Thank you again... We've learned a lot about each other through dancing together."

See Anna & Scott's first dance here!

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Reid & Madison Screen grab.png

Reid & Madison

"Thanks again, we had a great time learning the dance and even more fun performing it!"

See Reid & Madison's first dance here!



“Thanks so much for everything!! You made us feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. Lessons were just great and it went so well! My mum keeps putting it on the tv and making people watch it!”

See Leanne & Olly’s first dance here.

cassie & Craig

“Kathryn made us feel really feel at ease, and taught us a fun and amazing dance for our wedding. We were surprised what we actually could pull off, all thanks to a fantastic teacher and lessons. 100% recommend doing this for your wedding."

See Cassie & Craig’s first dance here (watch to the end for a special guest appearance).